First Aid Training

First Aid Training Programmes launched on 2nd February 2013


First Aid Training Centre launched in IRCS TNB on 10th July 2013.

From June to upto date 32 First Aid Trainings imparted for Senior Professionals, Juniors and Senior Students in Factories, Colleges and Schools. Totally 3,637 participants were trained and certified as detailed below:-

1347 Seniors Professionals

1740 Senior Students

550 School Students

TNB is one of 4 core members of Inter Agency Group in Tamil Nadu.

SDRT Refresher Trainings conducted with the support of IPCD Project.

CFMR Trainings Conducted in Four Districts around 200 Volunteers Trained in Certified First Medical Responders Training Programme in Chennai, Vellore , The Nilgiris and Thanjavur District

One day Orientation Programme on First Aid and Disaster Management was conducted during 2012 and 6526 YRC volunteers were benefited throughout Tamil Nadu.
FIRST AID TRAINING has been imparting to all classes of people and students (Male, Female and Students) with the aim of providing maximum number of FIRST AIDER’s availability throughout the State of Tamil Nadu whose services can be availed by the local administration during emergencies.

One year Diploma in Health Assistant Course has been conducting since 2011. The said course was sanctioned by Tamil Nadu Open University, Chennai. Now the Tamil Nadu Skill Development Corporation have sanctioned to impart Nurse Aide training course (75 days) through Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board, Chennai to IRCS TNB. Under this Training Course, so far 75 slum girls were benefited.