DAY CARE HOSPITAL is functioning at IRCS TNB premises for the past 15 years and is rendering Health Care Services to the economically and socially downtrodden community.
Blood Transfusion saves lives but many patient requiring transfusion do not have timely access to safe blood. Now the demand of blood exceeds supply and blood services face the constant challenge of making sufficient blood available.
One of the main objectives of Red Cross is to protect life and provide immediate relief to the extent possible to the victims of natural calamities such as floods, cyclones, epidemics, famine, drought, earthquakes, fire accidents etc.
The YRC is the most important constituent of its mother organization, Indian Red Cross. It is group movement organized at the initial stages for students between 18 and 25 years of age within the colleges. A qualified lecturer is recognized as the leader and he is called as the PROGRAMME OFFICERS.
The JRC is the student's wing of the Red Cross Society. It is a students' movement organized within schools. Pupils who are actively involved in Junior Red Cross activities are known as 'Juniors'. The Teachers guiding the pupils in JRC activities are called COUNSELLORS.
The Artificial Limb Centre is rendering services to the various prosthesis and orthotic services and providing free aides to the disabled community for the past 15 years. When amputees access our Centre, more options are available, ranging from Limbs, Bicycle, Parts to Limbs made with sophisticated Technology
Most commonest problems like Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, and various Sports injuries are also treated here and Neurological patients like Stroke Patients, Mentally retarded children are also provided requisite treatment daily.
FREE HEARSE SERVICE an unique Project of the Government of Tamil Nadu has been providing free transportation to transport corpses from various Govt. Medical Teaching and Non Teaching Institutions to the places of the deceased at the request of their relatives in all 32 Districts of Tamil Nadu and even trans-border.
Govt. of India launched Janani Sishu Suraksha Karyakram ( JSSK) implemented Nationally where all the pregnant women offering for delivery at Health Institutions and treated sick new born up to one year will get free transport service.

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Blood Donation will cost you nothing but it will save a life!!

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